Workshops for 2018

This year we are excited to offer 4 great workshops. This is a chance for you to spend an entire day learning from experts. We've got teams from Microsoft and Docker presenting information so you are getting it right from the source!


Get Started Building a Web Application with ASP.NET Core

Learn about .NET Core and ASP.NET Core directly from the team that built it in this high-powered workshop. ASP.NET Core is a the fastest commercial web framework available for building web and cloud applications, and is available completely free and open source on GitHub.Throughout the workshop you will learn how to build an application with .NET Standard, Entity Framework, Razor Pages, and how to use some of the best practices in ASP.NET Core development.


Delivering value continuously with Azure DevOps

DevOps is the union of people, process, and product to enable continuous delivery of value for our end users. Implementing a DevOps practice in your organization is a complex multi-step process. Assuming you get organizational buy in and your team is ready to go, how can you implement it. How can you use Azure DevOps and other Azure services to create an effective release pipeline?

In this workshop, learn how you can use Visual Studio 2017, ASP.NET, Azure DevOps, and other Azure services to create an effective, automated pipeline.

Learning Objectives
  • Getting started with Azure DevOps
  • Track your work
  • Create Continuous Integration (CI) builds
  • Create Continuous Delivery (CD) pipelines
  • Accelerate your delivery of value with Azure and Azure DevOps

The workshop will be a combination of presentation on the concepts needed to work with Azure DevOps, demo’s, and lots of hands-on where each attendee will setup their own environment and pipelines.

Everything will be provided, including VM’s with developer tools, Azure environments, VSTS accounts, etc. You need to bring a laptop capable of RDP’ing into a VM and your enthusiasm to learn.


Azure for Developers

The Azure cloud is huge (so that’s why they call it the cloud!) and the vast service catalog may appear daunting at first. It doesn’t have to be!

  • Learn the browser-based UI of the Azure portal
  • Continue the journey with the built-in, ready-to-run cloud shell
  • Explore various ways to deploy web apps written in any language, on any platform, from virtual machines and containers to serverless technologies
  • Add intelligence to your apps using Microsoft Cognitive Services
  • Protect your apps by applying Azure’s built-in security features
  • Diagnose problems and apply automated machine learning analysis with Application Insights
  • Connect your apps with messaging services, load files into cloud storage and discover managed databases for SQL and NoSQL scenarios
  • Conclude your tour by tying everything together in a continuous delivery pipeline with Azure DevOps projects


Deploying Multi-OS applications with Docker EE

Docker EE2.0 is the first Containers-as-a-Service platform to offer production-level support for the integrated management and security of both Linux and Windows Server Containers. It is also the first platform to support both Docker Swarm and Kubernetes orchestration.

In this lab we'll use a Docker EE cluster comprised of Windows and Linux nodes. We'll deploy both a Java web app on Linux and a multi-service application that includes both Windows and Linux components using Docker Swarm. Then we'll take a look at securing and scaling the application. Finally, we will then deploy the app using Kubernetes.