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You'd like to build cool things. You'd like to be impactful. You'd like to feel inspired. You're ready to attend TechBash and are pumped and excited for the event to arrive. You're so pumped, you'd like to share your excitement with the world. That's great! We have resources to help you out.

Most of these resources and many more items can be found on our Marketing repository at https://github.com/TechBash/Marketing/tree/master/2024/.

Register for Techbash 2024 developer conference at techbash.com

Convince Your Boss

Ok, so you've heard enough. But you're not sure how to convince your boss you'd like to come. We've made it easy for you. Below you'll find a pretty convincing letter that you'll have to fill a few blanks in before sending to your boss. Simply use the easy copy button below or, in the event that's not working for you, select all of the text in the window and copy and paste it in a new email. Finally, replace the recipient's name at the top and be sure to add your signature at the bottom. Yes, it's that easy.

{Recipient Name},

I wanted to send a quick request for your approval to attend the TechBash Developer Conference on September 24-27, 2024, in Mount Pocono, Pennsylvania. This event will help us tremendously by demonstrating the latest trends in technology today as well as the hottest technologies including, but not limited to, popular JavaScript frameworks, DevOps Technologies, Cloud implementations, and artificial intelligence. The event will improve our knowledge in these areas leading to greater productivity and efficiency.

The event promises three days of in-depth and intensive technical training on some of the technologies we use every day. We will also learn about other technologies that could further assist our efforts over the next twelve months. As of now, the conference tickets are starting at just $799. If I stay overnight, the entire event will cost less than $1500. Similar events are typically priced starting at $2000 just for the conference ticket.

As an attendee, I'll get to:
  • Attend three days of training on technologies that we use.
  • Learn the latest trends in application architecture.
  • Hear how teams have implemented DevOps and pick up tips for improving our process.
  • Discuss how to leverage Cloud technologies securely and learn about serverless.
  • Discover how to update to the latest frameworks like Angular, React, VueJS and .NET.
  • See how artificial intelligence and machine learning are shaping business decisions.
In addition, I can attend one of the following workshops on Tuesday before the main conference:
  • Build Your First Application with Blazor
  • Workshop Duo: Accessibility Testing & Public Speaking and Presentation
  • Asynchronous and Parallel Programming in Csharp
  • Astro for Rank Beginners
  • Contain Your Enthusiasm: A Full Day with Containers and Kubernetes
For more details on the conference, please visit TechBash.com.

I strongly believe that the information I can learn at this conference will allow me to help save our company time and money in the long run. It will provide me a platform to learn new and improved ways to help lead our team, straight from the experts. I’ll also have that opportunity learning these items in just three days as opposed to other conferences that may require travel and keep me out of the office for a few extra days. Therefore, I would like to request your approval to attend this conference. I would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have or discuss this further. Thank you so much for you time and consideration.

PS - If we send at least 5 people to the event, we can save money off per ticket. We can email one of the organizers at groups@techbash.com for more details.


Grab Web Banners

Are you looking to display a banner on your website or blog? If so, feel free to grab and use any of the following images to solve this need. All images should link back directly to https://techbash.com.

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Register for Techbash 2024 developer conference at techbash.com
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Register for Techbash 2024 developer conference at techbash.com
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Register for Techbash 2024 developer conference at techbash.com

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Register for Techbash 2024 developer conference at techbash.com

Display our Event Flyers and Postcards

Do you work or frequently visit an office, school, library, or other common area that has a bulletin board or a location to post event flyers and postcards? If you do, feel free to use the material below to help spread the word about Techbash.

For Speakers, User Groups, and other Events

Do you speak frequently at user groups or other events? Are you a Techbash speaker doing a talk in advance of the event and would like to share the details with your audience? If you do, feel free to use the slides below to help spread the word about Techbash.

For Sponsors

Are you a sponsor? If so, this area is likely for you. We have a few items that may help you spread the word.

Do you want to add a sponsor badge to your email signature or website? If so, grab the image below. You can also get this image from our Marketing repository at https://github.com/TechBash/Marketing/tree/master/2024/Convincing%20Material.

(or right-click, Save Picture As)

Come See Us at Techbash 2023

Do you have the ability to send messages to your customers? Would you like to meet them face to face at the event? We've included a template below to get you started. Be sure to replace the recipient name with the recipient on your side. They're indicated in the same manner. If it's easier, you can grab a copy of this as an HTML file here: https://github.com/TechBash/Marketing/blob/master/2023/Convincing%20Material/ComeSeeUs.html. We'd recommend a subject line similar to Let's meet at Techbash 2023 in the Poconos.

Hi {Recipient Name},

We're excited to inform you that we're a proud sponsor at the upcoming Techbash 2024 developer conference at the Kalahari Resort and Conference Center in Mount Pocono, Pennsylvania. We'd like to see you there too!

Register for Techbash 2024 developer conference at techbash.com

This is a great opportunity for us all.
  • First, this is a great opportunity for you to meet with our team, engage in discussion about how you are interacting with us, and talk about additional avenues we can help you improve your business.
  • Second, this is a great opportunity for your company's developers to enhance their skills and learn from industry leaders from around the country.
In case you haven't heard of Techbash, here are some of the details:

    Techbash 2024
    September 24th-27th, 2024
    $799 conference tickets (Standard registration until 8/24) - group discounts available
    Stay at the Kalahari Resort for as low as $184/night
    250 Kalahari Blvd, Pocono Manor, PA 18349

Here are some other reasons to attend…
  1. Content - TechBash has great content. Want to learn about the latest frameworks and patterns from industry experts? TechBash has got them. Want to hear directly from Amazon, Google, Microsoft and more? There will be plenty of them. TechBash is bringing in the best speakers from top tech companies to deliver content to you.
  2. Location - TechBash is organized by a small group of developers who were tired of traveling across the country for good content. So now they are bringing the content to you. TechBash is in the Poconos in Pennsylvania. That's less than a 2 hour drive from NYC or Philly. Plus, the short drive time means you won't need to ask your boss for two extra travel days.
  3. Price - Book now and you can register for TechBash plus 3 nights in the hotel for less than $1500. That's a great price for a conference of this caliber. Plus, no airfare needed so TechBash fits into your budget! After 9/19 hotel rates may vary.
  4. Venue - The Kalahari Resort. This is the largest indoor water park in the Northeast U.S. So, while you are coming to learn and network with tech leaders from around the country and meet up with old friends and new, you can have a little fun and hit the water slides.
  5. Fun for the Family - Yes, it's a huge water park. But there are a ton of other activities at the Kalahari Resort and nearby.
2023 Workshops: There are five pre-conference workshops to choose from covering Progressive Web Apps, Test-Driven Development, Serverless Event-Driven Microservices, Azure MLOps and monitoring production apps, and finally developing IaC and CI/CD with GitHub Actions.

Join us as we discover the latest technologies to build amazing things. Along with all the fun and learning you'll do, we'll have some cool swag at our booth that you can grab.

See you in the Poconos!


Looking for a copy of our logo to deeplink to techbash.com? Use this image below:

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